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OPTIMAXX® LED Aquarium Light Smart System. For SPS LPS Corals and Planted Biotopes.


  • The OptiMaxx with "Opti" being short for Optical Lens, and "Max x" being short for Maximum X Series Technology from CREE, is a truly innovative LED aquarium light system.
  • LED Life: With the proper care, LEDs have a useable lifespan of 10 or more years.
  • Heat Factor: Built-in cooling system automatically keeps the light running at optimal temperatures. Generates a fraction of the heat of a metal halide and T5 system.
  • Controllability: Built-in controller allows control with the touch of a finger, and comes preprogrammed with 4 seasonal programs, or set it to your liking manually, or use a third party controller, like the: Apex AquaController, ReefKeeper, or Reef Angel for programming to create a realistic dawn-dusk, daylight and moon-light simulation.
  • Intensity is adjustable from 0% to 100%.
  • Energy Efficient: Save more than 50% versus comparable metal halide systems.
  • Wireless Remote: Make quick adjustments with the included remote control. For example quickly turn the system off with the wireless remote control during routine maintenance.
  • Mounting: Includes Legs for surface mounting, and stainless steel cable wire hanging kit for hanging. Also includes rail bars for connecting two units together for 48" aquariums, or three units together for 72" aquariums.
  • Size: The unit is 23.75 inches long and 10.5 inches wide and the surface mount legs can extend to fit aquariums up to 36 inches long.
  • LEDs: Genuine USA CREE™ XLamp®. LEDs are specifically binned for optimal looks and performance. There is 12 LEDs in each interchangeable LED pad. There is 3 pads.
  • CREE™ XLamp® LED Color: CREE XT-E Red, CREE XT-E Warm White, CREE XP-E Green, and CREE XP-E Royal Blue.
  • Kelvin Rating's: 4 Channels. LEDs are controlled independently allowing the color to be adjusted from (approximately 6500K) to (greater than 20000K).
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