A Dessert and a Smoothie Recipe, which Taste Awesome

Many individuals have a knack for cooking. They prefer simpler recipes that can be prepared at the home itself. In this article, we discuss the recipes of two delicious preparations. Both the recipes can be smoothly carried out and the only machinery required is a hand blender. The dishes will be prepared within a maximum period of 10 minutes.

Mango Sorbet

This preparation is one of the simplest and most fresh ones. On the first hand, you would need to start boiling a small pan of water, say half a liter would do. Next you would need to add 250 grams of sugar to it. Health conscious people can make it 200 grams of sugar; the taste would not differ, yet it would be healthy.

Sprinkle some grated lime zest to the boiling mix of water and sugar, along with one drop of fresh limejuice. Stir it quickly and then it will be time to take care of the mangoes.

You would be needing three mangoes, and each of them should be peeled, diced, and obviously the stones must be removed. Before you start with preparing the sorbet, make sure all this has been done with the mangoes. Drop the mangoes into the hand blenders, while pour the boiled syrup into it. Start blending these two unless a smooth consistency is not achieved.

To speak of the quantity, it is not necessary that you have to use the entire syrup you have prepared. After the mango chunks have been placed inside the blender and you start pouring the syrup, its level must just exceed the top of the chunks. You should look for that exact ratio. Once the blending is over, it is time for you to pour the blend into small bowls and freeze them for say four hours roughly.

After you take the preparation out of your freezer, garnish it by adding a few cherries to it. A perfect blend would ensure that the sorbet has been beautifully textured. Spoon this delicious sorbet out, and relish the awesome taste of it.

Orange, Banana and Ginger Smoothie

The second and last recipe that we will be discussing is the banana, orange and ginger smoothie. This preparation also tastes heavenly and is easy to put together.

On the first hand, you would need to crush say four to five ice cubes in your hand blender. However, you would need to chop and crush it up spoon, to accommodate within a tall smoothie glass.

The ingredients you need to put together to prepare the actual smoothie are as follows,

A tablespoon of grated fresh ginger

1 banana chopped
2 tablespoons of yogurt, which must be thick and natural
Juice squeezed out of one lime
Half a cup of Orange juice

After all these have been added, all you need to do is blend a smooth texture into it and pour the mixture into a tall glass containing crushed ice. This preparation does not only taste great, but also is a great energizer.